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GLOW WITH... Jessica Shand, Naturopathic Nutrition Coach

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GLOW WITH... Jessica Shand, Naturopathic Nutrition Coach

This month, we caught up with Naturopathic Nutrition Coach and #LUNEIAMuse Jessica Shand on her daily rituals, plus all things healthy, glowy skin. Keep reading to find out how she juggles running her own business with recently becoming a new mum, as well as finding time for self-care and her own wellness rituals...

Talk us through your morning rituals

I’m very much a morning person so after baby cuddles in bed after Sebby’s had his first feed (my fave part of the entire day!) and my first cup of coffee of the day (nothing beats the first coffee!) I very quickly, depending on how settled Sebby is, cleanse my face, apply some serum, moisturiser and SPF.

I then grab the baby carrier and dog lead and head outside for our morning dose of Vitamin D. I try and get out every morning if I can as it really makes me feel good to get out in the fresh air and set us all up for the day! I love walking in the woods where we live and sometimes listen to a podcast or call a friend to catch up and this morning ritual really makes me feel alive and fresh, especially after a night of broken sleep!

Tell us about your skin needs…

My skin needs deep exfoliation a few times a week because I use face tanning drops so regularly and don’t like the thought of the tan clogging up my pores. This is a big reason why I love using Radiance Ritual so much my skin feels exfoliated and genuinely glows after using it- it has transformational effects and feels like I’m treating myself to a mini at-home facial treatment!

How do you Radiance Ritual? 

I use Radiance Ritual twice a week and make sure I use it on the nights I’ve got time to have a bath so I can properly relax and let the product work its magic on my skin. I light my fave candle, pour some magnesium salts into the water and by the time I get out of the bath and wash the mask off I feel like a new woman!

We’d love to eat our way to glowing skin! What are your top nutritional tips for a healthy, balanced complexion?

I’m a big believer in the importance of nurturing not only the visible outer skin but also what lies beneath, as the skin is often the biggest reflection of the health of our insides. You can take a look at all of my top tips for eating your way to a glowing complexion here. 

We love following your nutritious recipes on the @eatnourishandglow Instagram! What’s your go-to morning smoothie to make right now?

My absolute FAVE breakfast smoothie is my raspberry, mango and banana recipe. It's so delicious and it’s pink in colour, so even better! It’s made using frozen fruit, unsweetened almond milk, peanut butter, walnuts, brazil nuts, flaxseed and gluten free porridge oats. It’s such a nourishing and skin loving breakfast and really keeps me going until lunchtime.

What are the evening rituals that you swear by to help you unwind after a busy day? 

I double cleanse every night to wash the day away and prep my skin for sleep. I apply a nourishing serum, moisturiser and finish with an eye cream. I love drinking a Pukka Herbal ‘night time’ tea and I’ve recently started going to sleep wearing a silk eye mask to help me fall asleep more quickly and when I’m really into my routine I try and remember to spray my silk pillowcase (game changer!) with a lavender pillow spray. It’s making me sleepy just thinking about it haha!

Finally, your daily mantra to live by?  

‘If you think you can, you can’

My dad has been saying this to me since I was a little girl and it’s a mantra I live by!


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