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Luneia Life: Five reasons to be grateful during lockdown

Posted by Anjun Murari on
Luneia Life: Five reasons to be grateful during lockdown

In recent weeks, we’ve all become masters of our own (beauty) destiny. The reality of staying at home has really kicked in and our beauty routine knows it!  

We’re frantically googling how to cut our own fringes (no time like a lockdown for a risky makeover…) shape our own eyebrows and remove our gel nails at home – come on now, they’ve been on for MONTHS! 

But aside from the obvious hacks that have us desperately pining after our hairdresser, nail technician and beautician, there are some real (and far more important) reasons to find contentment during this time of isolation. Here are five reasons to be grateful during lockdown.


We’re reconnecting

Girl on computer


Remember that friend you’ve had to cancel on the last three times because you’ve been working late, double booked or just been downright shattered after a busy week? You’ve now got her booked in for a 7pm wine date via FaceTime, and it’s the second time in a month.  

Why? Because lockdown has forced life to slow down and we have more time to reconnect with those that matter. 

Even better... why not send them some lockdown love in the post? For when a WhatsApp message just won’t cut it, make it personal by adding a handwritten note to your order. 

It’s important to add, you shouldn’t feel guilty for not wanting to join in on EVERY catch-up call, you still need time for you, babe. 


We’ve gained time



Talking of time, we have more of it than ever. Commuters are saving hours on train travel, and those hours really do mount up. An extra thirty minutes in bed means you're refreshed for the day (only a one-shot coffee required) and waaay more productive. 

Saved evening hours can be used to whip up that healthy recipe you’ve been dying to try (Hemsley + Hemsley have some great ones to use up store cupboard essentials), catch up on Netflix, read a book, run a bath… the options are endless. 

One thing we’ve learnt from lockdown is that our time is precious and should be spent wisely – always.


Our new rituals

Girl doing yoga


A new daily routine calls for new rituals – in life and in self-care. 

As well as reconnecting with our loved ones, lockdown has given us the time to check in with ourselves too. Those saved morning hours can be used to meditate, make a fresh smoothie or start the day with a stretchy yoga session. 

There are SO many virtual classes out there, which are good for your body but, more importantly, AMAZING for your mind.  Some of our favourites are community driven platform,  Soul Sanctuary – founded by yogi and body-positivity goddess Cat Meffan, sweaty workouts via Frame’s online subscription and live classes from Barrecore. YouTube also has some great content on offer for a quick fix before you commit. 

But remember, self-care is also about indulging in a tub of Ben & Jerrys on the sofa. Sunday night routines have upped their game, and we’re less about panic - checking our work emails, more about using our evening to unwind, pop on our Radiance Ritual mask and mentally get ready for a week of WFH. 


 Loungewear is the new partywear

Tiedye Loungewear


Whether you’re a cosy cashmere co-ord or slinky matching pyjama suit kind of girl, we’re all rejoicing that for the foreseeable, dressing down seems to be the new dressing up.

Gone are the days of un-comfy jeans and even-more-so heels. We’re now allll about practical pieces that make you feel great. Instagram is full of all the best loungewear inspo, but fear not, your favourite old sports hoodie and joggers are also TOTALLY acceptable - it’s about feeling comfy and content. But, if you are looking for something a little more sassy, here’s what’s on our lust list right now


We’re reassessing

Radiance Ritual Face Mask on Muslin Cloth


So, life has slowed down, but it hasn’t for us all – and our real gratitude is going out to those who carry on putting themselves on the line so we can stay safe. 

Our time in lockdown has given us the opportunity to be grateful for the simpler things in life, which we’ll hopefully all be able to take with us when normality returns.  

Take time to reassess your goals, where you’re at and what’s important, without all that heavy pressure of busy day-to-day life. It’s a great chance to learn a new skill, grab that opportunity you’ve been chasing or to simply just take time to breathe and appreciate what we have – remember, not everything has to be about progress, sometimes it’s all about finding contentment in the present. 

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