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Posted by Anjun Murari on

As we move into the ‘new normal’ of wearing a mask daily, for some of us it has started playing havoc with our skin. Astonishingly, Google searches for ‘maskne’ are up huge 811%. There are ways you can stay safe, covered and keep your skin healthy and radiant. 

So firstly, what is ‘maskne’ and WHY is it happening?


The term ‘maskne’ has been coined for the form of acne mechanica that’s leaving mask-wearers with breakouts in the areas that come into contact with their face covering. This is due to the friction caused on the surface of the skin whilst wearing a mask, which can result in the clogging of pores, spots and areas of dry skin. 

Keep it clean 

Even once your skincare routine is perfected, it’s still of utmost necessity to only use a clean mask. There are plenty of reusable, washable options available, made of soft and skin-friendly materials like cotton. It is recommended that you wash your mask frequently, and you store it in a clean, bacteria-free environment. Using a softer material mask will also limit friction, and the risk of ‘maskne’ altogether. 

Get to grips with your skincare routine

Now more than ever, that twice a day cleanse is essential. In the midst of British summer, wearing a face covering - with a particular focus on using public transport- could cause a build up of sweat and sebum, leading to those unwanted ‘maskne’ breakouts. Allow your skin to breathe, and go make-up free if you can. But most importantly, remove sebum and dirt build up both day and night with a thorough cleansing routine. Use a hydrating moisturiser to rebalance the skin's barrier and of course, make the most of your topical treatments. Streamlining your skincare rituals is key, ensuring that you are using products containing clinically tested ingredients, backed up by skin-science. 

Enter: Radiance Ritual 


Using a balance of AHA’s and BHA’s for gentle exfoliation, our Radiance Ritual mask helps slough off the top layer of dead skin cells, leaving your skin fresh and healthy. The clinically proven and hydrating ingredients in Radiance Ritual, such as Sugarcane Squalane, Prickly Pear Seed Oil and Vitamin E  aid skin moisture, protect the skin barrier, and soothes irritation. The potent 10% glycolic acid in our mask is imperative for tacking blemishes, as well as working on hyperpigmentation from acne, or in this case, ‘maskne’ scarring. 

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