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#theLUNEIAtingle: Have you felt it?

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If there’s one thing we hear from our community time and time again, it’s that you love that you can really feel our Radiance Ritual Glow Mask working. But what does that signature skin sensation actually mean? We’ve rounded up the science behind the tingle, and what’s going on behind the scenes whilst Radiance Ritual works its magic. 


Feel the tingle

On application, Radiance Ritual’s highly-potent ingredients get to work, and trust us; you’ll feel it. We’re all about gentle exfoliation, which is why we included 10% glycolic acid and 2% salicylic acid in its formula - a hard working pairing when it comes to achieving glow-worthy results. 

The science behind the sensation

So, want to know the secret to the tingle? Radiance Ritual is packed full of AHA and BHA magic, and they’re the key ingredients responsible for this skin sensation.
But what’s the science behind it? AHAs and BHA’s have lower PH levels, which work in contrast to the natural PH of the skin’s top layer. So, that ‘tingle’ you’ll experience is simply the nerve response to show you that your Radiance Ritual is really exfoliating away those uppermost layers of dead skin cells.  

The result? Radiant skin with a super smooth surface and a dew of dreams. It’s the same you, just glowier. 

Whilst your skin tingles...

As your double acid-dose is busy sloughing off those dead skin cells, Radiance Ritual’s other star ingredients are getting to work behind the scenes. Get your hydration hit from sugarcane squalane, soothe skin with prickly pear seed oil and up the antioxidant with vitamin E. Sunflower seed oil and glycerin are here to boost moisture levels, leaving skin super soft. 

Get the dew you deserve 

For best results, we recommend that you let Radiance Ritual do it’s thing for 10-15 minutes, then rinse away with warm water and the coordinating muslin cloth. Keep up with your wellness rituals by experiencing the tingle up to twice a week, depending on how your skin feels. Always remember to follow your Radiance Ritual hit with a good dose of SPF, as your skin will be extra susceptible to UV rays. 

With skin that’s healthy, dewy AND nourished, it’ll look as good as it feels. Have you experienced the tingle? If not, we want you in our glow club! Shop Radiance Ritual now and let us know what you think at @Luneia.

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