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Well known for its moisture-boosting properties, squalane is the super soothing ingredient that’s created a long-standing buzz in the skincare world. As one of the key ingredients in our Radiance Ritual Glow Mask, we’re here to guide you through why it’s the hydration hero you need in your routine. 


First and foremost, you need to know the difference between squalane and squalene to get to grips with the basics. Squalane (with an A)  is a derivative of squalene (with an E); it’s a hydrogenated version that’s lighter, plus has a longer shelf-life than squalene, which is why it’s such a skincare staple and a beauty product regular. 

 But what exactly is squalene? Well, it’s a natural lipid that’s produced by the oil glands in our skin. Essentially - it’s a fat that’s there to help keep our skin hydrated whilst maintaining a healthy, strong skin barrier. Unfortunately for us, the body's natural squalene supply starts to decline with age, so bottled up - this is where squalane comes in. 

 Originally sourced from animals, squalene in today’s industry is mainly found through plant and vegetable sources, but due to its instability in its pure state, it’s combined with hydrogen to form the stable squalane we know and love in our beauty products today.

Needless to say, all ingredients found in our products are, of course, in line with our accreditation by The Vegan Society and ethical stance, as we are 100% against animal cruelty in any form and know that there are always healthy, vegan alternatives to help us achieve our skin goals. 




It gives us natural feeling moisture

Squalane is super light and really easily absorbed by the skin, which means those insanely good moisture levels still feel natural and easy to work into your daily routine. Being such a super absorbable ingredient with a minuscule molecular weight, squalane prevents water loss, keeping your complexion looking plump and full all day long. 

It’s here to help your skin’s barrier

As well as its next level abilities to lock in all that moisture, squalane is an antioxidant, here to help protect and repair the skin’s lipid barrier. Helping to shield your skin from external environmental aggressors like pollution and UV light makes it a seriously worthy multitasker in your skincare routine. 

It helps you reach your glowy skin goals

Squalane doesn’t stop there. It’s also well known to help increase the skin’s bounce and luminosity, serving you a vibrant, healthy complexion. Alongside this, it gets to work on signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles and is known to calm down redness too.

It gives your skincare staples a hydration boost

Squalane is the rest of your skincare ingredient’s biggest cheerleader. It wants them to work at their absolute best, and is there to help them thrive for you and your skin.

It does so by making sure the rest of your product’s ingredients are easily absorbed, giving them a smooth and spreadable texture that helps them melt effortlessly into your skin. Alongside these game-changing emollient characteristics, squalane also possesses some very similar qualities to the squalene in your skin, meaning that it gels well with your natural oils. 


As mentioned previously, squalane works well to give the majority of your skincare ingredients a boost, helping them to absorb well into the skin so you can really make the most of their benefits. 


One of the reasons it gels SO well with the rest of your skincare ingredients is that its lightweight texture allows it to blend with them, rather than compete with or chemically interact with their make-up.

For this reason, you’ll most often see squalane built into your skincare products, like it’s perfect partnership with both Vitamin E and Prickly Pear Seed Oil in our Radiance Ritual Glow Mask, to give them that extra emollient boost, rather than use them as a stand alone product. But if you opt to use squalane oil - remember to layer! It should be used after your serum and before your moisturiser so that it can penetrate the skin and give you the hydration hit that  you’re after. 

Squalane is one of the magic ingredients in our Radiance Ritual Glow Mask, giving it it’s easy to apply, creamy yet light texture. 


You’ll be happy to hear that this is one for pretty much EVERYONE. Squalane really does pack a punch when it comes to being the holy grail of lightweight moisture, meaning there really isn’t a reason not to pick a product with it added in. The way that squalane ‘locks in’ moisture means it's essential for fine lines and wrinkles. In the same light, it nails rehydrating dry skin, particularly if you're susceptible to regular patches of rough, dry texture or inflammation - making it a go-to for eczema sufferers. 

Its super lightweight formula makes it a really good alternative to heavier hydrators for acne or blemish prone complexions, as it doesn’t clog pores or leave behind any greasy, oily residue once it’s been applied. As squalane isn’t a common allergen, it’s unlikely to cause irritation to even the most sensitive skin, so it really is a totally universal ingredient. 

So, think you’ve got squalane sussed? 
We’d love to know what you think of how it works in our Radiance Ritual mask! Pop us an email at info@luneia.com or send us at direct message @luneia. 

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