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Our values


Hormone imbalances, lack of sleep, stressful lifestyles - it all shows up on our skin, regardless of age.

We take a science-backed approach, using clinically-proven active ingredients, to help you find your best skin. 


TRUTH tellers 

We're passionate to showcase real skin... texture, pores & lines don't exist to be filtered out. 

We openly state the levels of active ingredients, alongside honest skin guidance, to help you to find your best skin. 

CHANGE makers 

We're proud to challenge outdated industry norms & instigate change. We use climate conscious packaging, for our vegan & cruelty-free formulations, made in the UK. 

Founder's Story


I’m Gemma, founder of Luneia.

Luneia was born out of my passion for beauty, colliding with ‘finding my purpose’ through my own wellness journey. 

Being a beauty addict from a young age led me to pursue a career as a Senior Beauty Buyer, an incredible time filled with hard-work and phenomenal experiences working alongside global beauty brands. 

Despite loving my job, I’d always had an entrepreneurial itch I wanted to scratch. I dreamt of creating a skincare line to help address some of the problems I’d experienced; acne-prone throughout my teens and never really “growing out” of it, instead persisting into low-level adult acne in my twenties.

I started to heavily research scientific papers and the role of active ingredients within skincare, to really start to understand how to treat my skin, and to try and achieve the clear skin confidence I craved. In coupling this knowledge with the support from a functional practitioner to balance my hormones (following a diagnosis of endometriosis and PCOS), I saw great improvements in my skin and the seed for Luneia was born. 

With these two factors combined – effective topical product and also considering internal wellness - my skin was finally clear! The dots had connected and this dual-approach made my lifelong skin struggles made sense. 

So Luneia was born, with a philosophy we’ve coined as ”Skin Wellness” - combining clinically-proven active ingredients to topically treat the skin, alongside a functional approach to internal wellness through supplementation and lifestyle factors.