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Founder's Story


I’m Gemma, founder of Luneia.

During more than a decade as a beauty buyer, I had access to literally hundreds of skincare products. Internationally best-selling face creams; buzz-generating scrubs; all-natural ‘miracle’ masks. You name it, I tried it. Which made my continued struggle with hormonal acne all the more disheartening.

This continued for years, until I decided to draw right back, forget the hype, and take responsibility for my own skin. I changed my skincare regime, focussing on clinically-proven products with specifically targeted active ingredients, and, alongside some holistic lifestyle changes, I finally saw the results I’d been waiting so long for.

Appreciating the science behind why; the unique needs of my own skin and, crucially, seeing the results gave me a sense of control and confidence I hadn’t felt before. It was, and still is, an incredibly liberating feeling.

I founded Luneia because the way skincare currently serves us needs a shake-up. Everyone deserves to feel in control of their own skin. It’s a subject close to my heart because I know just how difficult it is when your skin isn’t behaving the way you want it to. But everything can change…

Be your own muse.

Luneia is a curated edit of high-efficacy products, each designed to target specific skincare needs. Driven by science, with clinically-proven active ingredients, and precisely formulated, with as much attention given to what we keep out as what we put in – the products in our range deliver so you’re in control of a skincare regime entirely personal to you.


Hormone imbalances, lack of sleep, stressful lifestyles - it all shows up on our skin, regardless of age.

We take a science-backed approach, using clinically-proven active ingredients, to help you find your best skin. 


TRUTH tellers 

We're passionate to showcase real skin... texture, pores & lines don't exist to be filtered out. 

We openly state the levels of active ingredients, alongside honest skin guidance, to help you to find your best skin. 

CHANGE makers 

We're proud to challenge outdated industry norms & instigate change. We use climate conscious packaging, for our vegan & cruelty-free formulations, made in the UK.